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Our history

Our first steps began in 1970, with “Transportes Peñarandinos Ferri, Cooperative Society”, founded by Mr José Luis Ferri. The company continued to grow, and with it our services were expanded in order to satisfy the demand of the progressive industry of that time.

The process of international expansion and the approach to important clients that keep relying on us nowadays started in 1995. Both the company’s management and the fleet were renewed, leading to “Transportes Ferri e Hijos, Ltd.”.

Nowadays, we have achieved to preserve the company’s values by renewing all our services and adapting them to the needs of our clients all over the world.

Our long career allows us to maintain an efficient relationship with former clients and open ourselves up to new markets.


Through the constant innovation and improvement of our services and work methodologies, adapting ourselves fast to the market demands.
Our team presents great qualifications on the sector, and we also pursue permanent training so as to improve our offer day by day.
Since we have a big fleet and solvency, we adapt to the needs of each client. Furthermore, we provide our workmates with our support to improve the quality of their services.
Ecological Mission
We commit ourselves to reduce the lost hours and empty mileage in order to improve the quality of our environment.


Thanks to the constant movement of our fleet, we can coordinate full and part load journeys adapted to any requirement. Moreover, this allows us to go a very long way offering services at national and international level to our clients.



We work with palletised and non-palletised freight, iron and steel products, bulk cargo and temperature-controlled and uncontrolled freight.

One of our top services and the one the company is throwing itself more into are the moving floors, which allow us to be more flexible to meet the client’s requirements. They provide us with various advantages:

  • how to load: through the roof, the back or the side parts, which facilitates the adaptation to any kind of freight.
  • Type of freight: adapted to high and low density bulks, palletisation of up to 2.70 metres high, iron and steel and long products of up to 13.5 metres and package freight of up to 6 metres long.
  • Automatic loading and unloading, saving costs and improving the safety of our workers.
  • Security measures thanks to the mooring system that avoids the intervention of the driver inside the trailer.
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As support for the distribution and bulking we have a network of warehouses that cover the whole Iberian Peninsula for palletised, dry, refrigerated and frozen freight.



Furthermore, we have a wide range of fleet vehicles in order to carry out special transports of dimensions that exceed the usual ones (generic licences for long products up to 16.5 metres, special licences for up to 4 metres wide, 30 metres long and large tonnage).



Thanks to our personalised advice, we work with all kinds of companies, from small factories and warehouses to multinational companies. The experience and knowledge that this gives us is shared with our clients so that we offer them the best practice related to transport and logistics, choosing the best of each sector and advising them about the best service adapted to their needs.



We support our clients in the recovery and management of their containers and supports, as well as the returned freight. In “Transportes Ferri e Hijos” we collaborate with the main pallets pools in Europe, which results in support for our clients when it comes to recovering their pallets with no difficulty.

London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Stuttgart, Berlin, Moscow, Zurich, Istanbul,...

How we work

Our services are known for their fast adaptation to the new technologies in the sector and its use in the whole work chain.
We have our own programmes such as Transcloud, which allows us to manage all the information about routes, schedules or vehicles. Moreover, we participate in platforms like Transporeon or Transwide, which help us to communicate effectively with our clients.
Inmediate Communication
Thanks to the use of cloud tools, instant messages and GPS tracking systems, we can offer all the information of our services immediately and precisely. Therefore, the exchange of information both with clients and with our collaborators helps us to take decisions and act quickly and efficiently in any kind of situation.
Modernised Fleet
Its renovation plan comprises 5 years from the start-up date; therefore all the fleet has the best security systems, disk brakes, ABS and the latest stability controls, as well as a predictive maintenance plan in order to avoid unexpected stops, which guarantees the reliability of our services.


If you have a lorry, a complete set or a tractor unit, you can become part of our team of suppliers. We are increasing our family every day, and more than 4,000 road hauliers rely on us already in order to complement their services and grow together.

In “Transportes Ferri e Hijos” we support and help our collaborators offering them the best conditions:
Stability in their work all year long
Payment per Km and in cash
Seriousness, formality and closeness
And reduction of inefficiencies

If you wish to work occasionally with us,
we offer the same guarantee adapted to your situation and services.

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